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I started studying nutrition when I was still in grade school and used my home computer to research topics. I tried every diet with little success of staying at a healthy weight. My weight, like many other women, has varied much until I really understood nutrition in my college years. Everyone has ups and downs with their weight, but if you have a good understanding of nutrition and exercise, you can keep yourself at a healthy weight and enjoy eating.
I have always loved learning about food and how it affects your body. I am happy to be sharing my knowledge and passion with others. I graduated from Southeastern Louisiana University with a Bachelor of Science, concentration nutrition. Today, I work as a Health Educator teaching moms about nutrition during pregnancy, after pregnancy and healthy eating habits for their infants and children.
I am hoping to give some good, sound advice about eating healthy on a budget. When I was a college student working part time, I had to find ways to make meals with a small amount of money. I was very conscious of what types of foods I ate, focusing on those that would not only maintain my weight, but help me to be healthier and live a longer, disease free life. I am not a chef, I only know basic cooking knowledge. Most of the recipes I will be sharing will be easy to prepare and taste good.
I have found out over the last year that I have for a long time experienced symptoms of gluten allergy and intolerance. I now live completely gluten free to better my health. You can read about my experiences under the Gluten Free Living tab. And please let me know if you have any concerns on Gluten Free living. I may be able to help!
Although I live gluten free, I still believe that most people can benefit from eating whole grains if they have no health issues from it.
I hope that you will enjoy reading as much as I enjoy sharing with you. I would appreciate your comments.

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